Road to freedom



Jesus said I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.

He also said I am the Door.

Yes, Jesus is the Gateway to freedom.

He has come to deliver us and set us free.

Jesus  is the Light and all who follow Him will never walk in darkness.

Jesus is the Shepherd of our souls.

He has brought us all into one fold while previously we all were lost in our own paths.

He has come to set us free from this sin filled corrupt world and take us to His Kingdom where there is no pain, sorrow, suffering and death

Jesus said I am the Bread of Life and all who eat this Bread will not die but live forever in His Kingdom

Jesus broke the power of death that held us captive and set us free into immortality


May you be blessed with peace, joy, light and love!


Please take some time to read through the PDF below to find out why did Jesus come into this sin-filled and corrupt world. In this you will find muktimarg - your road to freedom.